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Bowel Management Supplies

All people with a spinal cord injury have the potential for involuntary bowel movements, due to reduced sensation, and the inability to sense when the rectum is full. On average, around 11% of individuals with a chronic spinal cord injury suffer one or more accidental bowel movements per week.

Many people with spinal cord injuries regard accidental bowel movements as one of the most distressing aspects of their post injury lives. Bowel accidents can have an impact on self-confidence, impact one’s social life, and reduce the frequency of enjoyable recreational activities.

Because of these issues, Advanced Medical Group makes assisting with a bowel management program a high priority in improving the quality of life for those affected by spinal cord injuries.

Bowel Management Supplies

Enemas – are available in ready-to-use disposable squeeze bottles or reusable gravity-fed kits.

Laxatives – come in choices of oral bulking agents, oral stimulants, and suppositories.

Underpads – for protection against accidental bowel movements at night.

Protective Undergarments – offer security against accidents anytime.

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